Qualcomm demoes some Image Stabilization Snapdragon S4 feature

Windows Phone 7 is still stuck on single core processors, but we know support for more powerful chipsets are on their way.

Qualcomm has shown a bit of what those chips can deliver.  Their new Snapdragon S4 platform built on 28 nm and with LTE built-in, features an Image Signal Processor which allows advanced features such as 20 megapixel cameras, 1080p 30fps video, 3D camera support and more.  The S4 ISP also comes equipped with Qualcomm’s proprietary 3A camera technology (Autofocus, Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance), enabling practical camera applications such as blink detection, smile degree, and gaze estimation. Other advanced features that tap into the ISP include active “Range-Finding”, zero shutter lag, and image stabilization.

The video above demonstrates the image stabilization in action, and it makes a rather dramatic difference.

As mentioned earlier the Image Signal Processor also supports gesture recognition including moving your hand, nodding your head etc. See that demoed in the video below.

Qualcomm is a close partner with Microsoft, and hopefully we will see either Microsoft or the OEMs, who will have more control of the Camera in Apollo, implement some of these features on Windows Phone.

Read more at Qualcomm here.

Thanks PJ for the tip.