Qualcomm aiming to be first “first to market with Windows Phone 8”

We have heard of Nvidia and ST Ericsson all vying to get into the Windows Phone 8 market, but Qualcomm has claimed that it has a head start, and will get to the market first with its own chipsets:

Speaking to Nordichardware.se they said (machine translated):

When we go to the Windows Phone 8, we can with the fact that we again work with them [Microsoft] and our work position speed look forward to probably be the first to market with a Windows Phone 8 platform.” said Cristiano Amon, vice president of product development at QCT (Qualcomm CMDA TECHNOLGIES)

So far all Windows Phone 7 phones have been Qualcomm exclusive, and with Qualcomm seeing itself as the new Intel, there is nothing the company would love more than to dominate both Windows 8 and Windows Phone  also.

Via Nordichardware.se.

Thanks Anton for the tip.