Quake Watch: A Windows Phone app


26, 2015

quake watch


With the recent devastating earthquake in Nepal followed be equally dangerous aftershocks the risk of earthquakes have once again entered our minds.

The Windows Phone Store has a number of apps which can help us keep an eye on this natural phenomena, the most popular being Quake Watch by Ninja Software.


Quake Watch lets you view details of the latest earthquakes from around the world as they happen and visualize them in the map.

It also makes it easy to let your friends know you felt an earthquake by posting to your favourite social media sites from Quake Watch and lets you replay earthquakes from the last 24 hours while being able to zoom and pan around the map and slide the timer back and forth.image

The app features Live tiles displays the number of new earthquakes, with the  back of the Live tile listing large earthquakes.

It also features configurable earthquake alerts and map views and real-time seismograph displays and recorded events.

The free app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

If you are directly affected you may benefit from an app like Survival Guide to give advice on keeping going until authorities can arrive. Those in affected regions can also see if their friends and relatives are safe by going to Facebook’s Safety Check page.

In addition, if you are not affected directly, you can still help those who are by donating to certified charities such as Unicef, Oxfam and the Red Cross.

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