Quake Champions scraps its loot box economy in favor of battle passes


6, 2018

iD Software’s free-to-play hero/arena shooter Quake Champions is abandoning its current loot-box fuelled economy in favor of a battle pass.

The new system will be implemented in the game’s upcoming December update. While the patch has yet to be dated, the battle pass will be introduced on December 20th so the patch will probably come on the same day.

For those who don’t know how the battle pass system works, players earn their way through a series of tiers through playing. There are two forms of tiers: a free one and a paid one. If you buy the pass midway through the season, you unlock everything in the paid tier up to your spot in the free one.

Quake Champions - New Champion: Eisen!

Alongside the battle pass, there will be an all-new progression system for the game’s numerous champions. Instead of blindly working towards rewards for champions you don’t play, you’ll be able to directly aim towards the stuff you want.

There will still be one form of loot box left in the game – reliquaries. Inside these revamped boxes, you’ll now get a guaranteed legendary item. The game’s Runes are also gone.

Quake Champions Developer Diary: Economy Update and Battle Pass!

Overall, these changes appear to be for the better. Quake Champions’ current way of handling its free-to-play economy wasn’t very engaging and, also, relied heavily on chance. A more straightforward ecosystem should help Quake Champions in the long run.

Source: Quake

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