PuzzlePro – Free Puzzle Game for Windows Phone

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mainmenuaPuzzlePro is a jig-saw style puzzle game that allows you to create your own puzzles using Bing image search. Simply provide a topic and then choose the images that you like best. Search for images of your favourite animal, movie, celebrity, sports team, tropical vacation spot…whatever you can think of!

Not sure what to search for? We provide suggestions based on what’s currently popular on Google, Twitter, and Bing Images. We even provide our own favourite search topic for you to try out.

Earn XP with every puzzle you solve. Progress through seven ranks and see if you can make it to legendary status!

Easily search for new images and create new puzzles at any time. With multiple difficulty settings, two game modes, and no end to the puzzles to play this game is unlimited fun for the whole family!

PuzzlePro is free and can be found in Marketplace here.