Punktual Alarm Management App Now Available

Punktual, by Terrific Bits, is the latest app for Windows Phone that helps you stay on schedule. This app changes the way you work with alarms on your phone and is a must-have utility app for your device.

Punktual allows you to group related tasks and give each task an amount of time. You can order your tasks and then tell Punktual when you want to perform those tasks. Punktual will set a series of alarms for you in your phone that will remind you when to start performing each task and when you should move on to the next task. The app gives you 2 ways of setting the alarms: by the time you want to begin the tasks or by the time you want to be done with the tasks.

This approach to alarm management is helpful in several situations. If you have problems with getting to work or school on time, create a series of tasks for your routines for getting to work or school. For example, you could have “Wake Up”, “Shower”, “Dress”, “Eat”, and “Commute” as tasks. “Wake Up” could be set to just a few minutes to give you time to get the sleep out of your eyes. “Shower” could be set to 15 minutes, “Dress” could be 8 minutes, “Eat” could be 20 minutes, and “Commute” could be 25 minutes. The alarms that are set will tell you when you should be moving on to the next task and that, if you have not already done so, you should think about picking up your pace.

Punktual also helps you run activities such as band practices, sports practices, meetings and other group activities. These are all cases where staying on schedule is paramount to respecting everyone’s time as well as your own. This app also helps facilitate stand-up meetings often used by teams working in an agile or lean-like environment prompting the group to move on to the next presenter.

Thankfully, Punktual has a view for alarms you’ve saved with the ability to delete them. If you made a mistake, you can easily correct it with a few swipes and taps of the app.  Punktual only manages alarms that it creates and cannot change any alarms set from outside of the app.

Upon first load, the app displays fantastic help messages to walk you through the app. The question mark in the upper right corner of every screen will turn these help messages on and off.

There is a trial version that gives you 3 tasks per alarm series and a maximum of 2 series. It’s available now, so give it a try! We think you’ll like it!