Inside Xbox at Gamescom has come with a few new surprises, but no surprise is more, well, surprising than the announcement of PUBG cross-play between Xbox One and PS4.

That’s right! No more moving between two consoles to play with different friend groups if you do that! From now on, everyone will be able to play together. We live in a miracle world.

Cross play functionality will be tested first in the game’s Public Test Server – PTS – before launching into the main game. There’s no solid date on when we can expect cross-play to launch on all platforms, but it should be around the time that the newly announced season 4 comes to the title.

Season 4 will also see the release of an updated version of the original Erangel map. Through skins and items available in the map, players will be able to discover actual PUBG lore.

“An updated take on our classic map, it features new complexes, improved graphics, and surprises for fans who want to know more about the island,” said PUBG executive producer and head of development division TS Jang.