PSA: You may not be able to download MixRadio or other Lumia exclusive apps on W10M preview


Microsoft’s current Windows 10 Mobile build is very stable and bug free with few exceptions. One of those exceptions is however quite important to users of Lumia devices.

Reports have been coming in of Windows 10 Users not being able to install MixRadio on their Windows devices, some even going as far as to reach out to the MixRadio team via twitter with questions. This appears to be an issue with the new Windows store whereby certain apps are unavailable for download. This is not simply limited to MixRadio, Lumia exclusive apps like Here Maps and the Lumia imaging apps are also marked as unavailable for download.

This is most likely an issue with the store as we said above, but if you do plan on upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile, it wouldn’t hurt to be aware of this and take necessary precautions.

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