How PS5 expandable storage works for current and next-gen games


19, 2020

After a drawn-out PlayStation 5 reveal livestream yesterday that saw PlayStation 5 lead system architect Mark Cerny unveil the internal specifications of Sony’s next-gen console, many are confused about the prospect of PS5 expandable storage. Don’t worry though, we got you. 

While the Xbox Series X expandable storage was revealed to be a simple custom NVME card that slots into the back of the console, PlayStation’s approach is both more consumer friendly but also more finicky.

Just like Xbox Series X, the PS5 expandable storage will slot into a port on the system that gives the storage device direct access to the system’s specially designed storage hardware. However, acquiring the upgraded storage may be less clear than Xbox’s solution.

Whereas Xbox will have an easily controllable selection of offerings from Seagate, Sony is opting to have myriad choices for when their console launches. Instead of a single product line, PlayStation will allow specifically tested and PlayStation Certified drives to be used on the PlayStation 5.

Just like with Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 will also allow you to connect an external USB hard drive to to your system to play current-generation PlayStation 4 games. You can also store PlayStation 5 games on the external hard drive, but you cannot play PlayStation 5 games from an external hard drive. For next-gen gaming, you’ll need an SSD.

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