PlayStation 5 launch exclusive Godfall will require a constant internet connection to play its single player component. 

The cringily named “looter slasher” – a looter shooter without the shooter – will be releasing on PlayStation 5 and PC on October 12th, the same day that the PlayStation 5 releases in some countries. The PC version will only be on the Epic Games Store.

In response to to a fan’s question on Twitter, one that noticed the PlayStation Store page stayed that Online Play is required for the game, the official Godfall Twitter account said the following:

“Godfall is not a service game, but does require an internet connection to play.”

Developer Counterplay Games also responded to claims that their game would be running at 4K 120fps on Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 5, a rumor that was quickly revealed to be untrue.
“This is not correct,” Counterplay wrote. “Performance QA and optimization is often the last step of development ahead of launch and that tuning is ongoing for us. We’ll share real numbers when that work concludes.”

Godfall was the first PlayStation 5 exclusive to be revealed way back at The Game Awards 2019. The game’s reveal, which followed on from the reveal of not only the Xbox Series X but also Hellblade 2, was quite exciting before the reveal of other PlayStation 5 games.