A leaked photograph of a PlayStation 5 development kit has found it’s way online. This is our first look at the next-gen system thanks to a crystal clear PS5 dev-kit photo. 

Originally posted online by tech YouTuber ZoneofTech, the PlayStation 5 XDK does look exactly like the original patent. Much like the report a couple of weeks ago, the final dev-kit is a real system.

The system does seem to be well built, especially for developers. A wealth of IO on the front of the system is the best course to take for systems that will undoubtedly be piled on top of each in major development studios.

Of course, this design will be far from the final product. While development kits, or XDKs, are intriguing to look at, they are far from consumer grade hardware.

When the final product does officially get revealed to the public, providing it doesn’t leak first, expect it to be more of a big black box.

Thanks for LetsGoDigital for the tip.