PS5 accessibility options will be expanded over current-gen features



Sony has revealed that there will be a far greater list of PS5 accessibility options than that of the current-gen PlayStation 4 console. 

While the PlayStation 4 currently gives players the option to invert colours, assign custom button mappings, text-to-speech and more, PS5 accessibility options will be expanded further.

Discussed through a new entry on the PlayStation Blog, Sony’s next-gen accessibility offerings were revealed to be far more extensive than what current-gen PlayStation players have access to.

Custom controller mappings and text-to-speech return but Sony are also adding native closed captioning, voice dictation for messaging, disable adaptive triggers and vibration on the DualSense controller and native colourblind options.

PS5’s accessibility features will also be usable across a wider selection of languages.

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“Chances are you or your friends, families, or colleagues have experienced, or will experience some form of disability in your lives,” Sony wrote. “It’s simply part of the human condition and at SIE we have a passion to work towards improving accessibility within our products and services and within our company.”

Sony will also be working with “leading expert accessibility consultants such as Brandon Cole, Paul Lane and others” as well as forming a new ABLE@PlayStation initiative to further support accessibility needs.

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