ProOnGo for Windows Mobile makes expense tracking easy.




ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader is a new application by ProOnGo that automatically convert paper receipt images into expense details including merchant names, dates, and purchase amounts. ProOnGo takes advantage of smartphone cameras that enable users to quickly go from snapping a picture of a receipt to creating ready?to?file reports, saving the time and hassle typical of traditional expense tracking processes.

ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader bridges the gap between image capture and data extraction, translating receipt images into expense details within minutes. Users can eliminate any personal information from their receipts, using a scratch?off technology included in the product. ProOnGo enables easy on?the?go report creation in Microsoft® Excel and Adobe® PDF formats, creating robust reports that are ready to view, print, email, or store.

Features of ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader include:

  • Automatic data extraction from receipt image into expense details
  • Seamless integration of smartphone camera functionality  Customizable expense categories and types to better track spending
  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Ability to save reports in Microsoft® Excel or Adobe® PDF formats

Phillip Leslie, founder of Chicago-based start-up ProOnGo, is a former engineering manager at Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Group. Leslie launched the company on personal savings and a seed investment from Growney Ventures, bagged at the annual business plan competition at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. “I helped develop the technology of putting cameras into smart phones for recreational purposes [at Microsoft], and I felt there was a missing opportunity for using that feature for business purposes,” he says.  He hopes to win some of the $800 million market for reporting-simplification tools.

Top advisers to ProOnGo include Bob Growney, former COO of Motorola , and his son Matthew Growney, co-founder of Motorola Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of the communications equipment maker.

Read more about this service here.


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