Project Aura Allows You To Share Your Expression Using Avatar Across Microsoft Devices


Microsoft Live Engagement Project : Aura from Chongho Lee on Vimeo.

Project Aura, a project at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center sponsored by Microsoft. Aura is an avatar-rich app offering meaningful personal expression across Microsoft devices. With Aura, users will experience a more human approach to the actions, information, whereabouts, and statuses of their many friends and followers. There is no mention of integration of Project Aura into Windows Phone 7, but I guess it will find its home at Xbox Live.

Watch below the video on the application itself showing how you can customize your avatar, its expressions,etc,.

How Aura works from Chongho Lee on Vimeo.

More videos after the break.

Aura : Testimony from the Client from Chongho Lee on Vimeo.