Problems with ad inventory in Marketplace?

NoadsA developer has written to us about the apparent disappearance of ads from Marketplace apps in Australia.

Kris writes:

I’m not sure if this is a broad problem but I have noticed that all wp7 in-app ads have stopped showing in Australia. I have confirmed this on 5 different handsets and it’s all apps.

Confirmed on my own Shantek apps along with Xbox live minesweeper and Spell It so it doesn’t seem to be a Microsoft advertising issue as Spell It uses ads from another provider. I have also noticed Seles games complaining about add revenue drop on twitter over the last few days. And this issue I have had for a few days now.

Of course as users we do not mind having our games ad-free, but developers in general prefer to be paid, and for the more high profile ones this may be a real issue if they are expecting to pay bills at the end of the month.

Have any other developers come across this issue? Let us know below.