Probably not true, but we can “Fantasize”


4, 2010

WPCentral reports on this YouTube video, purporting to show Final Fantasy VII running on a Windows Phone 7 handset, with the YouTube poster promising even more to come.

He writes:

You’ll love it if you’re a true Final Fantasy fan!
This is some footage of the current progress of "FFWP7".
In this version it still looks like the timeless classic for the PlayStation 1,
but maybe there’ll be a graphical upgrade.
There’s a lot of power in a WP7-Device and so the highly-anticipated remake of FF7 could be the result 🙂
Sorry for the rough ending of this video.

Well, everything is possible in a fantasy, isn’t it 🙂

Read more at WPCentral here.

Thanks Colin for the tip.

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