Privus Mobile Debuts on Windows Mobile 6.5, Releases Free Caller Name Lookup Upgrade for Windows Mobile App


13, 2009

Hot off the heels of the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5, Privus Mobile, the first Caller ID solution for Windows Mobile smartphones, recently released a free upgrade to its Windows Mobile application enabling caller name lookup on phones in addition to its enhanced Caller ID services. The updated smartphone application now allows new and existing subscribers to receive the name registered to any phone number by simply inputting the number in the new, easy-to-use caller name lookup interface as well as receive the name associated with all incoming calls on the device – not just the names of incoming callers already in the phone`s contact list. Over the past few months, Privus Mobile released similar updates for its BlackBerry and Android applications.

"We first introduced Privus Mobile to the world through our Windows Mobile application a little over a year ago, and since then we`ve made tremendous strides to bring our innovative Caller ID application to new operating systems. Now we`re expanding that service to give Privus Mobile`s Windows Mobile users greater call management capabilities with a free caller name lookup upgrade, and what better place to introduce the new upgrade than on the new Windows Mobile experience with Windows Mobile 6.5," said Greg Smith, president of Privus Mobile.

"Windows Mobile users really appreciate the capabilities and depth of their operating system, and Microsoft has done a fantastic job of creating a way to make applications like Privus Mobile more dynamic than ever. Privus Mobile`s upgrade is another easy-to-use feature that allows you to type in any number – whether it`s on your phone, your home phone or your friend`s phone – and utilize the same Privus Mobile technology to obtain the caller`s information. Privus Mobile`s Caller ID and caller name lookup provide a more expansive Caller ID service than anyone has ever had – landline included – and we`re excited that it found a home on the Windows Mobile."

Since its launch in 2008, Privus Mobile has helped tens of thousands of smartphone owners around the world better manage their calls. Not only can customers better identify the caller, Privus Mobile helps users quickly save the caller`s information to their contacts list with just a push of a button.

Windows Mobile users can download the update from inside the Privus Mobile application. Those interested in purchasing Privus Mobile can download the complete application with a 10-day free trial on their devices through Privus Mobile`s mobile site at or any of the numerous mobile app dealers, including Handango, Handmark, MobiHand and Mobile2Day.

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