Private Social Network Path coming to Windows Phone soon


23, 2013


In a blog post Nokia has announced that the Path app for Windows Phone will be hitting the Windows Phone Store soon.

The Facebook-like app with a maximum of 150 friends, which ensures a private experience, features free private and group messaging, and the ability to send voice, text, photos and fun expressive stickers to friends.

“We’ve designed Path specifically for your personal life and the people that matter most to you,” says Dave Morin, co-founder and CEO of Path, in an interview with Conversations.

“It’s very private and simple and we focus intensely on design and quality. We try to give you a beautiful way to capture and share those meaningful moments with your close friends and family.”

Path’s Windows Phone app will also have over 50 unique photo filters powered by Nokia’s imaging API.  The filters will be exclusive to Nokia Lumia smartphones.

The app will also feature “ambient location sharing”, which automatically updates your location when traveling to a new neighbourhood or city.

“We’re a product and design-driven company just like Nokia. So we’re really excited about some of the product features that we were able to develop using Windows Phone, in particular things like Live Tiles and the ability to integrate our notifications directly into the lock screen,” Morin said.

The app is expected to be available shortly.

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