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You need this App If ..

  • You are Private person and want to keep away people from viewing my family photos if they take your cellphone.
  • You want to use your camera to take close ups of all your credit cards, IDs or confidential data.
  • You are a spy and want to take photos of secret documents
  • You have photos of your lover you want to keep secret
  • You have photos that you don’t want your better half to see
  • You have photos you don’t want your parents to see
  • You have photos you don’t want your kids to see

Give Your personal Photos a private getaway..

Because your Cell phone is sometimes passed/borrowed to friends, kids or a stranger and saying ‘No’ or avoiding people from not looking into you phone picture gallery is a Toughie!!

So keep it safe silly !! Keep it in a locker which opens only when you wish to, the key to which lies in your hands. Because some pictures and moments are ‘Private’ and close to your heart – to be shared and seen by none else.

The Private Photo App will help you just do that!! This app is an endeavour to define a new facet to maintain privacy of photos in phone.

  • Award Winning App at Nokia Singapore App Challenge 2011.
  • Keep albums, with incredible visual features like slideshow, pinch & zoom etc.
  • Multiple/ Import Export from external media.
  • Decoy Mode (A false account)
  • Secure Mode (Your true you)
  • Further Optimized for Tango

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