Privacy filter for the HTC HD2 screen now available



The HTC HD2 has a great screen, and also a great viewing angle.  In fact, in a bit of informal testing, the text on the screen became illegible due to the obliqueness of the angle rather than any distortion of the on-screen image.

If you rather not have your seat neighbour in the plane watch your movie or read your spreadsheet, DCMugen has the solution for you, in the form of a privacy screen for the HD2 which dramatically reduces the viewing angle of the screen.

DCMugen notes the screen brings:

  • Privacy Effect: Protect yourself from prying eyes, viewing sensitive information on your device.
  • Intelligent Design: DCMUGEN screen protectors will help block out the elements, protect your device from scratches, scrapes and abrasions that are harmful to your LCD screen on your device.
  • Silicone adhesive coating: No residue is left on your LCD display when you remove it.
  • Anti-Scratch & Durable: DCMUGEN screen protector can be used for a long time without affecting its smoothness and transparency because of the 4H stiffness of the PET material.
  • UV protection: DCMUGEN screen protector reduces the strain of your eyes by blocking 99% of the UV emitted from your LCD display.
  • Ideal Custom Pre Cut: This is a custom cut screen protector, designed to cover 100% of the LCD portion of your phone.
  • 3 Layer Structures: PET Material Layer, Composite Silicon Layer, Electrostatic Layer
  • Washable and Reusable: Easy on and Easy off
    Thickness: Enjoy double the thickness equalling to double the protection
  • Horizontal Viewing Area: Enjoy viewing your device in horizontal privacy (does not work vertically but will be viewable)
    Easy to Install: Easy on and Easy off. We provide you with how-to guides made by us and valuable instructional material catered to you.
  • Available Different colours

The protector of course has some disadvantages:

  • Reduced LCD Transparent Visibility: With some users, they will find it is harder on the eyes and will take away from the vibrant colors of your LCD screen.
  • Viewing Lines: The privacy screen protector uses micro shutter lines to create the privacy illusion from the side viewing angles. These lines can be apparent and may disturb your view pleasure.
  • Reduced Touch Screen Responsiveness: There may be reduced touch screen sensitivity due to the thicker material in which the privacy screen protector is made of. This is very apparent in the video above.

If your privacy is more important than screen responsiveness you can read more about the accessory at DCMugen here.  The filter sells for $5.99 via their ebay store.

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