Amazon Prime Day Deal: Get yourself an Xbox One S All-Digital and a Phantom White controller for just $200


15, 2019

This Prime Day, you can snap up a fancy Xbox One S All-Digital console and a Phantom White controller for just $200 (thanks, Windows Central, for pointing out this deal!)

The Xbox One S All-Digital edition was created by Microsoft for those who prefer a digital game library and who think disc drives are for the weak. It’s an affordable alternative to the other Xbox consoles.

The basic console comes with 1TB of storage and three games – Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Sea of Thieves. It also comes with a free 1-month Xbox Live Gold subscription, which you’ll need if you want to actually play Sea of Thieves. The basic version of the console bundle retails at $239.

However, this special bundle also comes with the special edition Phantom White controller, which has a translucent ashy design that fades into a nice white.

This controller tends to go for around $60 on its own, meaning that if you wanted to buy the console and controller outside of Prime Day, you’d be spending almost $300.

If you have Prime and want to snap up the special bundle, it’s only $200! That’s $100 less than what you’d spend any other day. You can spend your leftover dollars on things such as more controllers or Xbox Game Pass.

If you want to pick up an Xbox One S All-Digital console with a Phantom White controller for just $200, you can follow the link here. Happy shopping!

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