Preview – Geometry Conflict an tower defence arcade for WP7


7, 2012

Geometry Conflict - Gameplay Trailer (WP7)

Geometry Conflict – defense minimalistic style arcade game for Windows Phone Mango mobile platform which is presented in 30 exciting levels with beautiful space backgrounds and amazing dynamic techno music.


In Geometry Conflict main aim of the player – do not allow the enemies break defense. To do this, a different types of helpers units presented for player – the defenders, which differ in offensive and defensive capabilities, the main players unit – circle (only it can change its position on the field). The field of player is divided into nine cells, in six of which he can place a helpers units. When the game begins – opponents units (“Polygons”, they also differs from each other)move to player position and their number increases with time. If the defense is broken, or the main unit (Circle) will be destroyed – the player loses.


  • 5 game modes
  • 30 levels
  • More than 10 types of units
  • 6 tracks soundtrack

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