UberMage Soft-Launch Goes Live on Windows Phone 7


After nearly a year of work, the new roll-playing/adventure game, UberMage is now available on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace.

There are two versions of the program. One is a free version, called UberMage Free, and another is a paid app for $2.99 US. The free app will be identical to the paid app, but with ads included.

This is just a soft-launch. Only the first four areas in the game are available at this time, each with five unique objectives. An update will be available in early September with sixty-four objectives across eight areas, and a final update will occur with more than 160 unique objectives. This final update is on schedule to be available for the holidays.

UberMage makes use of XNA’s 3D graphics acceleration, and its graphics are unsurpassed by any of the top free games on the Marketplace today (and most likely all free games, but we didn’t bother to check every one of them).

A version of the game for iOS devices is planned but is not a priority for the time being.

For more information about UberMage, please contact Chris Hanson by email at chris@ubermage.net , or by phone at (818)-653-8495.

Contact: Chris Hanson
email: chris@ubermage.net
twitter: @dastopher
cell phone: (818)-653-8495
website: ubermage.net