RSS Central version 1.1 now available

After all the positive feedback and suggestions that I received from the release of the first version of RSS Central (and which I really appreciate, thank you!) I started work on an update. Version 1.1 is now finished and available to download in the Marketplace.

I tried to focus on the suggestions and requests that I received most frequently, and also to fix a couple of bugs that people found along the way.

By far the most requested changes were the ability to move directly from one article to another without having to return to the article list, and requests for a new logo. 🙂 The full list of changes is as follows:

  • Added previous and next article buttons when viewing an article to navigate directly to the other articles in the subscription.
  • Added previous and next subscription buttons when viewing the list of articles.
  • The list of subscriptions now displays the “last refresh” date of each subscription. If you prefer the appearance of RSS Central v1.0 (which didn’t display this information), it can be switched off in the Settings page.
  • The Font size display setting now has an effect on the article summary view.
  • Add a new display setting, Orientation Lock. This can be left at “Automatic” (which will use whatever orientation the phone is held at), “Portrait” (which locks into portrait mode, regardless of how the phone is held) or “Landscape” (which will always display in landscape orientation).
  • Added a new display setting, Use page transition effects. The animations that Windows Phone 7 uses as you navigate around are generally very pleasant to look at and I have tried to replicate the same kind of feel in RSS Central. If you just want your data on the screen as quick as possible, however, you may choose to switch these off, which provides a speed boost at the cost of some of the aesthetics.
  • Added a new navigation setting, Startup category. Using this you can select a specific category to display when launching RSS Central, or get it to remember the category that you were looking at when you last used it.
  • Added a new navigation setting, After marking all as read… This lets you control what happens when selecting to mark all the articles as read inside a specific subscription. By default it returns you back to the subscription list, but you can also choose to move to the next subscription, or to do nothing and remain in the subscription you were viewing.
  • Provided a new logo, icon and tile.

I still have a number of further changes to make, and as ever would really appreciate any feedback that anyone has for future versions.

RSS Central is $1.29 and can be downloaded from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now. More details and screenshots can be found on my web site at

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