RSS Central released to the WP7 Marketplace


20, 2011

RSS Central is a powerful and easy to use application that can download and display RSS, Atom and RDF news feeds from web sites all over the internet. Its quick multi-download system will bring all the news feeds you want to your fingertips in no time, and will hold on to them so that they can be read even if you lose your internet connection.

RSS Central’s features include:

– An attractive and functional Windows Phone 7-style user interface.
– Streamlined navigation to make using the app as quick and easy as possible.
– Fast application startup to get you straight into your feeds without having to wait.
– Create categories to group your news feeds together for easier browsing.
– Feed search function to help you discover new feeds and news sources.
– Quick display of article summaries, or show the full article content with just one touch.
– Search for keywords within articles to help you find whatever you are looking for.
– “Minimum refresh time” prevents unnecessary re-downloading of unchanged feeds.
– Automatic tracking of read and unread articles. Choose to hide read articles and read subsciptions if you wish.
– Full support for international character sets.
– Quickly and easily send the details of interesting articles as an email message.
– Full support for portrait and landscape orientation.

RSS Central supports a trial mode, too. This is fully featured, and just displays occasional “nag” screens while using the application.

Screen shots:


Before getting my Windows Phone 7 device, I had an HTC Touch Pro2. One of the applications that came pre-loaded on it was Ilium software’s RSS Hub. This rapidly became one of my most-used applications. When I moved to WP7 I tried a number of the RSS apps that were available, but none of them worked in the way I wanted or offered the features that I was looking for.

In true programmer style, instead of compromising with one of the available alternatives, I set about writing my own application. RSS Central is the result. It is functionally inspired by RSS Hub and uses a similar approach to displaying and organising its content. I also used the opportunity to clean up a few of the little annoyances that I found with RSS Hub. I hope you like the end result!

I intend to continue developing and enhancing RSS Central, so would be very interested in hearing any comments, suggestions, complaints or bug reports that anyone has.

RSS Central is $1.29. Click here to view RSS Central in the Marketplace.

More information about the RSS Central, including some additional screenshots, can be found at my web site,

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