Presence of mass-publishing developers on Windows 8 Store raise spectre of spam




The Windows 8 Store is one of the fastest growing app stores, but one of the reasons behind this is an issue which the Windows Phone marketplace had long struggled with – Developers publishing hundreds of spam applications which are often simply RSS readers for specific websites with only the name and the feed changed.

This issue is well illustrated by Win App Update, who note only 12% of developers are responsible for 61% of the apps in the app store, giving an average of more than 16 apps each for developers who have more than 5 apps in the store.

Of course an argument can be made that the best applications will still float to the top, and that at this early stage quantity is more important than quality, at least until we get to 6 figures, but it does take some of the shine of the growth in the Windows Store known that this is likely due to abusive practices rather than general developer interest.

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