Pregnancy Tracker by CreativeApps

Are you expecting?

Then this is the must have app for you. It has a beautiful and soothing graphic background that changes according to your baby’s gender.

The app has some awesome compelling features

  • Track your pregnancy and the countdown to delivery.
  • The resources tab will provide you numerous links for reference to your current week, and trimester along with what is coming next week.
  • Maintain a pregnancy Journal. Add pictures or just text entries to the Journal. Share your Journal entries on Facebook with the Upload to Facebook button. ( Don’t worry it’s not automatically posted on FB. )
  • Super cool Contraction counter to track your contractions along with average frequency and interval.
  • Take a screenshot of the Contraction Counter, add is your Journal ( and share it on your Facebook wall.) or just send it via email (from the Pictures hub).
  • Record and chart Weight and waist measurements
  • Features a Kick counter


Pregnancy Tracker is free and can be found in Marketplace here.

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