Pre-ordering Wonder Woman on the Microsoft Store grants you a boost in Injustice 2


7, 2017

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman hits cinemas last week and continues to open in more countries this month, but if you’d prefer waiting to watch it at home on your XBox or Windows PC, you can pre-order it fro the Microsoft Store now.

if you have or plan to purchase Injustice 2, you get a slight bonus with this pre-order. Purchasing Wonder Woman for a limited time will get you 11, 000 source crystals in Injustice to for purchasing gear and the like.

Wonder Woman was released a week ago to rave reviews and record-breaking weekend revenue with critics and audiences themselves agreeing that the film was an enjoyable, rewatchable one.

You can pre-order Wonder Woman from the Microsoft Store here, and  Injustice 2 for the Xbox One here.

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