Praetor–a great turn by turn strategy game for WP7


22, 2011

Praetor is a Turn Based Strategy Game from Random Software set during the Roman era.

In the game you are a Roman Praetor shipwrecked on an island and tasked to take it over. Like in any Turn Based Strategy you start off with limited resources and less powerful units but you unlock a lot of new powers and can summon more units as you progress through the 25 creatures in your path.

While turn by turn the app unfortunately is not multi-player, probably the main weakness, and the animation of the battles likely lack the pizazz we are used to on the desktop in RTS games.

It is however pretty good for $0.99 in Marketplace, and the dev is promising free updates to expand the enemies and locations much further.

Read the full review at BestWP7 games here, or download the trial from Marketplace here.

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