Microsoft has just released version v0.17.0  of their new PowerToys for Windows 10.

The update focusses on updatability and stability.

Auto-updating: Microsoft added in the code for doing updating, so the first chance to experience this will be when 0.18 is released. At present it will not auto-update completely autonomously – users will still need to click Install.

Prompted by telemetry, the update also prioritizes virtual desktop FancyZone work.

Here are a few larger items done in 0.17:

  • PowerToys can now update itself #1686
  • FancyZone can now snap to two zones (still experimental since it doesn’t support restoring the app to two zones)
  • Per machine installation fixed, non-admin user will be able again to use PowerToys after the regression in 0.16.
  • Fixed most of the FancyZones Virtual Desktop bugs.
  • Fixed several FZ bugs including proper handling of taskbar position.
  • PowerToys icon in the Start menu will always show ?

You can download the release at Github here.