PowerPoint now supports replay and rewind of ink animations

July 2, 2019

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Microsoft today announced two new ways to ink animations in your PowerPoint animations. Until now, animation of ink in PowerPoint was limited to standard shape animations. With the latest Insider update, PowerPoint now supports Replay or Rewind ink animations. You can also set the speed of the animations based on your needs.

In addition to the ability to control speed of the animations, you can now control how multiple ink objects contained in a group playback, by using the Effect Options animations. For example, the All at Once option will start the playback of all ink objects at the same time, while By Ink Object will play back the ink objects in sequential order.

If you are running PowerPoint version 1907 (11827.20002) and later on Windows, you can now try out this feature. This feature is also coming to PowerPoint for Mac in July.

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