Power BI Mobile App Updated For iOS Devices


Microsoft today released an update for PowerBI app for iOS devices with new features such as real time data support, offline indicators and more. These features came to Windows 10 PowerBI back in December 2016. And they are coming to PowerBI app on Android as well.

Real time data support

Dashboards refresh in real time – no need to refresh manually!
Whether your data is pushed through Power BI API in real time or scheduled to refresh periodically, you now get updates live on your mobile device. If you update data on a dashboard or tile, add or remove a tile, or change the name of a tile, the newest version will automatically and instantly be visible on your mobile device.

Offline indicators

See when you’re offline and not receiving updates. When your mobile device can’t find a network, you’ll now receive a message that you are offline

Access cached data indefinitely

Cached data no longer expires, which means you’ll have access your cached data indefinitely while offline.

R-tiles support

The recently introduced R-Tiles are now also available for dashboards on your mobile device.

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