Popular food social network Foodspotting comes to Windows Phone 7

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Foodspotting is a rather big deal in the food social networking world, and its arrival on the Windows Phone 7 platform seems to have drawn much more attention than one would expect.

The Windows Phone 7 app won coverage on sites like Techcrunch and Washington Post, and seems to be the result of a collaboration between Microsoft and Foodspotting, similar to the GroupMe app being worked on at present.

Foodspotting notes the app, created with help of Microsoft’s support and developer advocate program, has all the same features as the iPhone and Android app, and will be updated to add features like following specific users or experts and see the Wants list of others.

Microsoft’s strategy of making sure the crown jewels of the app stores on other platforms are also available on Windows Phone appears to be paying dividends, making the other 500,000 apps largely irrelevant.

The app is free and can be found in Marketplace here.