Poll: What do you think of the Cityman and Talkman’s design?


Now that we have seen high quality renders of the Microsoft Cityman and Talkman there has been quite a bit of debate around the design of the devices, which controversially feature a polycarbonate design, on-screen navigation keys and prominent camera bumps.

The design has both its defenders, who note that Polycarbonate is somewhat iconic of the Lumia range, as is the camera bump, and that the plastic design should allow wireless charging, and detractors, who note that it is out of step with the industry trend for metallic shells, such as on the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy 6, and HTC M9, and that many design elements make them look cheap.

A poll should give us some idea of where our readers lie. Vote in the poll and let us know your own opinion in the comments below.

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