Poll: Nokia EOS or the Nokia Lumia 925?


For the first time ever, Nokia will have 2 high end Windows Phone handsets in the market at the same time, forcing consumers to choose between two quite similar handsets.

In USA buyers will have the choice between the Nokia 925 on T-Mobile or the Nokia EOS on AT&T, while presumably the rest of the world will also face the same question in the next few months.

The Nokia Lumia 925’s main features are of course its great looks, aluminium construction, svelte design and being available right now, while the Nokia EOS is still a month out, and will be markedly thicker with a mostly polycarbonate case, but with a much better, ground-breaking camera.

The specs are otherwise expected to be rather similar, with the same screen, processor, resolution, RAM and storage (32 GB for the EOS, while the NL 925 will have 16 and 32 GB).

The Nokia EOS is also expected to have a special camera app (Nokia Pro Camera) that provides finer grain control of the monster camera.

The main choice will come down to having a very good camera or a great camera, and the cost in bulk this entails.

Of course an argument can be made with the rapid roll-out of new handsets that most potential buyers are already locked into an existing contract.

Let us know which handset those in the market will be opting for in our poll below.

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