Poll: How do you feel about Developer Submitted articles on WMPU?


15, 2015

Author Surur // in News


We are heading towards a site design revamp in the very near future, and as usual this may also mean some changes to our content policies.

At present, as a service to developers, and to give readers something to consume during our own down hours, we publish 1-2 developer submitted articles per day.  These articles usually takes the form of press releases by developers extolling the wonders of their apps, and are marked with a disclaimer at the bottom designating them as user submitted.

To date we have published more than 1,200 such articles, and at 2/day its clearly been going on for more than a few years.  Opinions are however mixed on these, ranging from between them being a valuable service to developers and readers to them tarnishing our brand due to quality issues and misrepresentation.

At this juncture we therefore turn to our readers and ask: Would you prefer to see such articles or not?

Please let us know in the poll below and of course also more fully in the comments.

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