Poll: Has your Windows Phone Sounds and Alarms become buggy and unreliable?

I have been a Windows Phone user since the PocketPC days, and while the OS then was extremely powerful and customizable (much like Android now) one thing I never missed was the poor reliability of the operating system, with issues such as your phone not even ringing when some-one is trying to call you being very common.

It was therefore easy to forgive the restrictions of Windows Phone when it resulted in a much superior and reliable experience, with everything “just working”, even if it meant giving up real multi-tasking and the ability to theme the OS.

Recently however it seems Microsoft has not been holding up their side of the bargain. After being extremely reliable for many years, for 2 days this week my built-in alarm on my WP8.1 Nokia Lumia 930 did not wake me up at all, making me 30 min late twice. I was happy to write this up as an individual issue, but it seems (from these reddit threads (1,2)) that it is now an all too common experience.

Windows Phone users in the thread also connected the alarms failing with other audio sub-system issues which has also been plaguing my handset, such as having to soft-reset my phone to get music and podcast play-back to work again, something I have been having to do pretty often recently.

Of course despite the large number of replies just a few reports does not give us an idea if this is a significant issue or only outliers, which is why I decided to poll our readers and see if this is something a problem Microsoft needs to be addressing.

Therefore please vote in our poll below and let us know if either your sounds and alarms work flawlessly, or if they have become unreliable.