Poll: Can HTC go back to resistive screens for their high-end devices?

With the advent of the HTC HD2 and its capacitive screen, which offers a superior (if less accurate) touch experience, the question arises whether another high-end device without the technology will be tolerated again.

Previously the excuse that Windows Mobile 6.5 does not support capacitive screens sufficed for most, but clearly this is no longer a barrier, and obviously will be less so in the future, with further touch enhancements in Windows Mobile 6.5.1.

We have been privileged this year to know HTC’s 2009 line up in detail, and the only device from that list still to arrive is the HTC Thoth, HTC’s HTC Advantage replacement.  Another rumoured device is the HTC Omni, but this device is of course much less certain.

Will these devices be upgraded to capacitive, or will HTC release them with resistive screens (and likely to lower sales)?

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