Poll: Is a bad app better than no app at all?


Amazon today launched a new app, and I think its fair to say it is somewhat of a disappointment. The app is simply a wrapper for the Amazon.com website and lacks any support for platform features such as Live Tiles and Notifications.

Of course beggars can not be choosers, but I do wonder why more than 300 million Windows 10 users should be treated like beggars, vs developing a full-featured and well supported app which would encourage us to spend more money and presumably pay for itself in short order.

Features I would have expected in a proper app, such as notification of the progress of orders, authentication via Windows security features such as Windows Hello and a lay-out which adapted to your screen size are simply missing, making the app an insult to the Windows users in general.

On the other hand some may say anything is better than nothing, and having a dedicated app means being able to open the “app” with one click without taking up another tab in your already overloaded browser. It also means those searching the store for an app will actually be able to find it.  Many also say that the age of the app is over, particularly for the desktop, where the browser is becoming increasingly more powerful.

Additionally Amazon is not exactly making a massive effort on other platforms, though those apps do support notifications, search by voice and barcode, the ability to upload your photos to Amazon’s cloud and actually fit the screen.

Which raises the question – is any app (even a web app) good enough, or should Microsoft’s (and our) standards be higher? Let us know below.