Poll: Are custom Windows ROMs on Android handsets a viable growth and marketing strategy


21, 2015


At  WinHec we saw for the the first time saw a new strategy by Microsoft- that of creating custom ROMs for popular Android handsets with the cooperation of the hacker community, rather than the OEM.

The move would explain Microsoft’s dalliance with Cyanogen, who are of course in the same profession.  At the time we thought Microsoft was planning to release custom Android ROMs with their services baked in, but now we know the company is much more ambitious.

The Xiaomi handsets are a good place to start, due to their unlocked boot loader, but we know the lack of an official unlocked bootloader has never stopped Cyanogen, and with their cooperation should not stop Microsoft either.

The question of course is not about what is possible but what is viable. While millions of Android users load custom ROMs they are still only a small drop in the bucket. I think however it should make it easier for techies and influencers to try Widows 10 on their handsets, which would of course be a win.

Some readers have worried that such a move would turn away OEMs, but given the size of that market I am not sure this is a real concern.

So the question then – Is Microsoft’s new strategy to woo Android users viable? Vote in the poll below.

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