Polish Bank Pekao brings HCE-based NFC contactless payments to Windows 10 Mobile


Bank Pekao has just become the first company to enable true NFC-based contact-less payments on Windows 10 Mobile.

Host Card Emulation-based contact-less payment support has been available since Windows Phone 8.1, but has never been supported before, with the SIM-based and carrier-supported secure element payment briefly being supported in USA.

HCE-based payments differ from the earlier system in that no explicit support is needed by vendors, with your phone working just like any other contact-less payment card.

This means payments are supported by millions of terminals, not just in Poland, but also abroad, and does not need a connection to the internet to be completed.

With the PeoPay app users are asked to type in a PIN to initiate a payment, but for payment of less than 50 z? ($12.50) they can optionally complete payments without even opening the app.

A video (in Polish) showing the process in action can be seen here:

The PeoPay app otherwise features:

  • Provides convenience and speed of payment in local stores and on the Internet
  • Allows contact-less payments in Poland and abroad (phones with Windows 10 Mobile and NFC)
  • The phone you always have on hand is better than the wallet you happens to forget
  • You have the ability to take advantage of discounts program run by Bank Pekao SA
  • Immediate transfers between users PeoPay users via phone number
  • Secure payments on the internet for websites with the PeoPay logo
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs of Bank Pekao SA
  • Check balances and account history in real time

Lucky Polish users on Windows 10 Mobile can download the app from the Windows Store here.

Developer: Bank Polska Kasa Opieki Spolka Akcyjna
Price: Free

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