Pokémon Go? More like Photo-mon Go


12, 2019

Author Ash // in Android, Game, News

Remember Pokémon Snap? The rail shooter game on the Nintendo 64 where you shot photos instead of bullets? Well, it’s almost getting a modern remake as Pokémon Go is getting a new AR photo mode – meaning you can finally be the Pokémon photographer you always wanted to be.

An article from The Verge goes into more detail about the new photo mode. It’s called “Go Snapshot” and uses the AR capabilities of the game to, well, take photos.

According to the article, Go Snapshot uses the Pokémon that you have on hand to create artistic masterpieces. You simply select a Pokémon from your bag, tap the camera icon, and then go into the new photo mode.

If you want your Pokémon to stand in a certain spot, you just throw a Pokéball at that spot and your Poké-friend will appear. You can then move your mobile device around until you have the perfect lighting and angle and tada! A perfect shot!

Laura Warner, a game designer at Niantic, says that players “are taking these really amazing photos with the current technology, but they’re having to do it in very specific scenarios, like Pokémon encounters” and that Niantic realized they “should make it easier for [players] to take pictures.”

Warner continues to say that the goal wasn’t just to make a ‘basic camera’ in the game, but to “use these tools to make Pokémon feel more real. We wanted it to feel like it’s bringing you a little bit closer to your Pokémon.”

Go Snapshot should be coming “soon” to both iOS and Android devices.

Source: The Verge.

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