Podcast Critter Hits Version 2.0!



Hello friends! After a bit of hibernation, the Podcast Critter is back and better than ever!

Every aspect of the app has been examined and rethought out. This includes both UI and the heavy lifting that goes on behind the scenes. Here’s an overview of what’s new:

• Sleeker, completely themed UI

Bulky graphics/text have been replaced with clean lines/fonts to create a more modern aesthetic. No more blocky, boxy controls! All pages of the UI are now themed as well – If you want a dark theme, all pages are dark. If you want light, all pages are light.

• Fixed a ton of crashing issues – Sorry you had to go through those!

Among the biggest fixes, I’ve pinpointed what I believe to be the source of all the crashes upon resuming the app. Your feedback has been a great help in fixing this issue, as well as others!

• Lots of other small but important optimizations

The app in general feels much smoother now – I don’t want people waiting between pages because I know how painful that can be. 😀

Anyway, check out the images below and download the app if you like what you see. Cheers!

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