PocketShield Review

Having the perfect lock screen on your device can easily change the way you use your phone, and how much you like using it. This lock screen tries to make you enjoy your device a little more and I actually like it but there are some things to keep in mind. Let’s review PocketShield from price to features.

This will be a short review just because.


When you are spending money on anything, you will want to know what the benefits are. This new lock screen has many of those for example:

– Notifications customization.
– Notification booster while in standby (will remind you your desired alerts and notifications so you never forget them).
– Slide-to-snooze for Notifications booster.
– Option to lock(or power off) with stylus in.
– Auto display hidden WM notifications after unlocking (no more need to click over the tiny taskbar bell).
– WM6.5 fully supported.
– WM Alarm supported in Applications Permissions (PS unlock upon WM alarm)
– Lite mode: can disable completely phone and/or notification options to just leave lock/unlock features.

Those are just some that come to mind, it has many more in the bank. These features run very smooth if you are an HD2 owner, otherwise I would try it out first. Locking and unlock the phone is a very enjoyable experience considering it has Eye Candy Mode (slide up and down, and you see where you’re going). A lot of these features are demoed in the video below.

I cannot really say much about the features because we have so many, but when I started using this lock screen, they were awesome. After 4 flashes’ I became weary of activating the theme ever time and stopped using it.

Demo of the software done by developers


This theme is priced at a newly more reasonable $9.99. This gives you unlimited updates, themes, and everything for life, so it is certainly a long term purchase. The only problem I would have about paying this much is… That’s a lot of money for a lock screen. It is a great lock screen, but I am a cheap guy. The price is a bit high for my taste, but my taste is not everyone’s taste.

If you can afford that much, then I would really go for it. This lock screen is very fun and entertaining to play with and I love the way no one can ever figure out how to unlock my phone when I am using it.

At the end of the day I would not really choose this over the free options like S2U2 (which I am running right now with Tpro theme) and Throttle lock. But it does have some features the others cannot offer, which can easily be a selling point for people looking at a very functional lock screen but that’s not me.

Would I recommend it, Yes. Would I pay for it, No. Will I give some free coupons Away, You know it.

Giveaway coming soon to a WMPoweruser near you.