PocketShield – new screenlock app for the HTC Diamond and Pro

Most of our readers would be familiar with the excellent screenlock app Slide2Unlock. The freeware application does however have some commercial competition.

PocketShield claims to be an intelligent locking/unlocking application. It prevents accidental touch on the phone screen especially when the screen is turned precisely by you, for example when receiving calls, email notifications, SMS, alarms, etc. Windows Mobile phones “wake up” whenever any of these events occur, and the touch screens is then able to receive arbitrary input (such as making phone calls which you never intended). This is especially a problem if the phone is in your trouser pocket or purse.

PocketShield completely locks the screen when phone wakes up and is inside your pocket or case, and unlocks it automatically as soon as you take it off. It achieves this magic by using the integrated light sensor in HTC’s latest phones. If it’s receiving light it is probably because you have it in your hand, or you have it over your desk, or someplace where there would be no reason to have it locked.

The phone can also be unlocked in other ways (useful when you are in the dark for example) Unlocking is available via specific hand gestures (e.g. shaking), by sliding your fingers over the screen, or any combination of the 3.

The software features:

  • Auto lock, no need to worry about locking, just turn off(sleep) your phone and feel confident.
  • Screen auto-unlock when out of pocket, or when light available.
  • Screen unlock by sliding finger or stylus from top towards down (vertical sliding rather that horizontal, for improved thumb ergonomics)
  • Screen unlock with gestures, by moving the phone two times to the left or right. Sensitivity level is customizable.
  • You can combine any of the 3 unlocking mechanisms: light auto-unlock, finger slide unlock, gesture unlock. One of the three must be enabled at least.
  • Answer calls by gestures, or by any of the 3 unlocking mechanisms.
  • Vibration feedback when you unlock or when phone auto-unlocks.
  • Digital clock diplays the time. Digits can be customized.
  • Screen shows caller name or number for incoming calls.
  • Screen shows missed calls if any.
  • Screen shows if a Reminder or Alarm has popped up.
  • Subtle but precise battery indicator.
  • Visible icons indicating which unlocking mechanisms are active
  • Disable auto unlock with light when doing “Start–>Lock”. It is re-enabled after power off and resume. Useful for when you want to have your phone locked while ON, ie while listening music.
  • Option(in Settings) to directly power off device when doing “Start–>Lock”.
  • Auto unlock when stylus is taken out.

There are a number of videos demonstrating the features available here.

As mentioned earlier, PocketShield is commercial software, and costs a reasonable $10.

Read more about the application on the PocketShield website here.