PocketNow reviews the Xperia X1

We have seen PocketNow’s impressions of the Xperia X1 being presented in dribs and drabs over the last week, but they have now finally put up a comprehensive review of the device.

I wont recount the 4 page review, but their conclusions were as follows:

This is the best Windows Mobile device that has ever passed my desk. Period. Sony Ericsson was right by declaring it a “game changer” – this has raised the bar, and if the Panel interface takes off and we see a lot of neat Panels, the X1 could become a benchmark mobile device.

Not only is the X1 refined from top to bottom, but it brings a new interface paradigm that challenges our idea of what a Windows Mobile Today screen should be. I was super impressed by its high performance and excellent battery life, and was refreshed by the sensitivity and clarity of the high-resolution touchscreen. If you’re big on one-handed use, this device is not for you. But for everyone else who desire a powerhouse of a device, this is definitely it.

Panel interface is interesting and holds potential
Amazing performance
Outstanding battery life
Crisp and bright WVGA screen with high touch sensitivity
Near instant screen rotation
Has a 3.5mm headphone jack
Includes optical D-Pad plus standard D-Pad
Flick-scrolling throughout
Auto-configures for major carriers (AT&T & T-Mobile in the US included)
Innovative four-way LED notification system
Great build quality with use of real metal
Top-notch camera
Poor one-handed usability
Choice of Panels is currently scarce
Recessed screen traps debris
No case/screen protector included
No voice recognition software
microSD slot is under battery cover
Ease of Use

Read the full PocketNow review here.