Pocketnow reviews the HTC Arrive

Pocketnow have given the HTC Arrive, the CDMA version of the HTC 7 Pro, a good going over, and have published their review here.

The scored the handset a middling 3.5/5 and conclude:

In a market where smartphone sales are driven by functionality and speed. It seems odd that HTC and Sprint would release a device with one-year old hardware. That being stated, the HTC Arrive provides both (functionality and speed)

With the improvement seen in the latest update to Windows Phone 7 the Arrive becomes a shinning beacon of optimism for consumers debating whether or not to invest in a Windows Phone 7 device. If Microsoft continues to listen to consumers and provide enhancements to the OS Windows Phone 7 will surly be a contender along with Android and iOS.

+ Improved WP7 OS with copy and paste
+ Telenav included, lack of Sprint crapware
+ Terrific camera
+ Speakerphone
+ Spring-loaded tilt screen
+ Excellent battery life
+ Great keyboard layout
+ SRS enhancements
– Heavy
– Specs seem last-generation
– Strange method to remove battery cover
– Inaccessible 16GB microSD card
– Battery heats quickly

Have any of our readers picked up an HCT Arrive yet, and do you agree or disagree with the review? let us know below.