PocketInformant developer weighs in on Windows Phone 7



PIwp7 WindowsPhoneThoughts.com have interviewed Alex Kac, Founder/President of Web Information Solutions, famous for their PocketInformant PIM suite, on his Windows Phone 7 thoughts.

His general impressions was that the API was weak and designed for consumers, but that the foundation was good and promising long term.  He complained for example of lack of access to the Outlook database, a standard feature of Windows Mobile.  This will require WebIS to write their own database and mean less integration with the native PIM apps and with Exchange syncing.

He did not however complain of lack of native code, and “felt Silverlight is perfect for creating awesome UIs”.

He unfortunately did not see much scope for porting WebIS’s existing apps for Windows Mobile, finding the lack of sockets programming in XNA and Silverlight limiting, and was not even sure of porting a limited version of PocketInformant was worthwhile.

He did feel that the Windows Phone 7 API could manage about 75% of the apps currently running on the iPhone, with the other 25% coming as Microsoft expands its API to support more low level networking, PIM access, and more.

He concluded:

“I think the pieces are falling into place and I like what I see. But for me to build my products on Windows Phone 7, I need the same things I’ve been asking of Apple: PIM and alarm access. Give me those two things and I can do something cool.”

It therefore appears the Windows Phone 7 platform at present is pretty restricted, which works for replicating iPhone apps, but makes porting more advanced or creative Windows Mobile apps much more difficult.  Does this worry our readers? Let us know below.

Read the full interview at WindowsPhoneThoughts here.

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