Pocket Tunes comes to WM, syncs with iTunes!



If there was a list of apps PalmOS converts miss when converting to Windows Mobile, Pocket Tunes would be close to the top. Now  Normsoft has finally done the right thing, and brought their excellent software to a living platform. Pocket Tunes is the easiest-to-use feature-rich music player for Palm and Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs. 

  • NOW AVAILABLE FOR WINDOWS MOBILE! Jam to your tunes on most Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs. See Requirements for a list of compatible devices.
  • NEW IN 4.1. Sync your iTunes playlists with your Windows Mobile smartphone or PDA.
  • Play music stored on your phone or on a storage card in your phone.
  • Play hundreds of Internet radio stations from the built-in catalog or tune in to your favorites.
  • View the album artwork for the music you are listening to.
  • Auto-sync your music from your computer and CDs.
  • Access millions of songs from compatible music subscription services.
  • Listen to audio books and podcasts.
  • And so much more!

Read a review of this excellent software at PocketNow here. A bit pricey at $37.50, if its iTunes sync you want, this package certainly delivers.

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