Pocket Translator for Windows Phone 7 released

Pocket Translator is a Windows Phone 7 application that gives you ability to translate back and forth between more than 50 languages, playback audio of the transaltion, and bring the power of the Google Translator to your phone. The design of the application adjusts to your theme settings, and really makes it your personal translator, suitable for both vacations and business trips.

Piotr Wach has just released version 1.5 of his app Pocket Translator which introduces a bunch of new features like text to speech, off-line history and most useful phrases when you are abroad. The application follows the  Metro design, and performs very well. Google Translator is used for the translation engine, unlike other translators available on Windows Marketplace which use Bing. Translations are in most cases very accurate, and best thing in my opinion is that the application displays alternate possible meanings if you translate only a single word (you can see example on the screen shot below). This is great feature that is missing in other translators currently available. The application has free trial with a limit of 5 translations.

Features summary:

  • translates 50 languages, including Japanese and Chinese
  • translations of single words with alternative meanings
  • pronunciation tips
  • common phrases
  • send translations by sms and email
  • off-line history

Give the app a try in the Marketplace here